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TI Thank You

Postby TSS Admin » Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:54 pm

Volunteers: I must recognize all of you individually for the time and effort you have put into the last TI over the last 6 months. I know the toll it takes on your personal life helping out and behalf of everyone who comes out, thank you. RCC, zo6er, Shotgun Willie, Mullet, Blaine, Bruce, Flyinmedic, Texas Supra, Arkitek, Malu, Will69Camaro, Hoofnel, Token, Dynosaur, BlackHorseTurbo, White_Lightning, all of our staff, the airfield staff, and everyone else involved - TI is a group effort. Can't be done without all of you. Please let me know if I left anyone out and I am sorry if I did.

Sportsmen: This truly is your event. Many of you had great races, new highest trap speeds, and made new friends. Thank you for your continued support. I just have to put this out there. When the stress was high and it was nut cutting time in the 6 Speed Class and even in KOTS I admired the camaraderie between all of the drivers. It wasn't about winning. It was about racing. The drivers unanimously wanted Bello to run. I am impressed and must give all drivers credit for being great sportsmen.

Sponsors: Thank you for all of your support! I hope you get positive exposure from TI and your businesses all do well as a result of your involvement.

Gonna avoid a wall of text here and keep it simple. The main reason for this event is to have a good time with friends. I hope no one ever looses site of that. The longer we go the better friends we should become.

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