Quick 30: Information

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Quick 30: Information

Postby TSS Admin » Wed May 11, 2016 10:12 am


General: Quick 30 is a private 1/4 drag racing event we hold every quarter. The atmosphere is laid back and unstructured. That makes it a good time to run without the pressure of formal competition. Both lanes will be prepped from the start to finish. Right lane is a dedicated drag radial lane only and the left is for everything else. ET and MPH lights will be working along with the speed slip booth. Grudge match all you want or make solo passes. Media will be covered by High Tech Corvette. We will post links for a simultaneous FB and Youtube feed closer to the event on the TSS FB page.

Registration: To drive, please register here: http://texasspeedsyndicate.com/q30-tech-form/ Once you complete the tech form you will receive a PayPal invoice. Once you take care of that you will be rostered below.

Q30 Sponsors

  1. Advance Diesel & Motorsports: One stop shop for diesel accessories for trucks, RVs, agricultural equipment and more. Contact Micah at 866 213 0442 and visit them on line at http://www.advancediesel.net/
  2. Y2 Performance: Y2 specializes in Ford platform vehicles. They have built some of the fastest running GT500s on our airfield events and all have ran like champs. Contact Brent at 214 295 7506 and give them a "like" on FB at https://www.facebook.com/y2performance/
  3. D3 Performance Engineering: D3PE is the current Gen 5 Viper 1/4 mile world record holder and they keep pushing the envelope with their builds. Make sure to say thanks to one of the three D's at the event (Delgado, Davis, and Donnells). Contact D3PE at 832 230 1094 to get setup for Q30 today.
  4. Dynosaur Performance: Dynosaur Performance has been supporting our events for over 12 years. They are an asset to the community and do great work on the Dodge Viper and Toyota Supra platforms. Give Ross, Clint, and Bryan a call at Dynosaur Performance or Powerhouse Racing at 817 992 1706.

Driver Roster
  1. Advance Diesel and Motorsports Micah F. (micah442) Terminator Cobra
  2. Advance Diesel and Motorsports John M. z06
  3. Advance Diesel and Motorsports Kyle McDaniel n2o Silverado
  4. Advance Diesel and Motorsports Cameron Fisher Mustang
  5. Advance Diesel and Motorsports Mark R. (vehicle pending)
  6. Y2 Performance Daryle E. GT500
  7. Y2 Performance Eric W. Boss 302
  8. Y2 Performance Brandon C. Corvette
  9. D3 Performance Engineering Mohammad A. Viper 700+
  10. D3 Performance Engineering
  11. Dynosaur Performance Will D. (Junkie) Supra 1000+
  12. Dynosaur Performance
  13. TJ H. (krutch21) Corvette
  14. Keith H. Corvette
  15. Anthony W (Anthony98GTS) Viper 800+
  16. Chris B. (Aggie) GTR 1k+
  17. Alec K. (shamwow) GT500 600+
  18. Anthony M. Corvette 1500+
  19. Charles N. (Chasjr) GTR
  20. Elisha P. Scion 700+
  21. Jim C. ZR1 800+
  22. Lydia D. 240sx
  23. Nola Stunna (Tien) GTR 1000+
  24. Joe H. Camaro 1000+
  25. Guy B. Vette
  26. Patrick A. (Linxs) ZL1
  27. Chris L. (LeBoeuf) Porsche
  28. Steven F. (wormboy) c7 zo6
  29. Luis V. GTR 1500+
  30. Luis V. Mustang 1000+
  31. Jarret L. GTR 1,200
  32. Sam M. (AMP)
  33. Sam M. (AMP)
  34. Felipe A. (blk fgt) Viper 1,500+
  35. Joe W. (Monsta) C7 Z06
  36. Ricky C. (Darkside) TTG 1k+
  37. Matt O. (Dedicated Matt) TT V8 IS300
  38. Bob H. TT Viper
  39. Danny G. (Lethal Mach)​ Vette
  40. Joshua B. CTSV 1k+

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