2016 VN Winners!

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2016 VN Winners!

Postby TSS Admin » Sun Feb 14, 2016 7:51 pm

Please take a moment to congratulate all of the Viper drivers that showed up for the Viper National! With your support 1/4 racing for the Viper platform is back!


Sponsors: Nyle Maxwell Dodge & SRT, Calvo Motorsports, RSI, Viper Exchange, PPG, TSI Trailers - without your support this would have been possible. Thank you.

2016 Viper National class winners!

N/A: 1st Place Andy Wheeler 2nd Elie Bejjani
5th Gen: 1st Place @Elie Bejani 2nd Andy Wheeler
Unlimited: 1st Luis Fernando 2nd Nick J. Kallergis

Andy has the world all-motor record at 9.9x
Evan Davis has the 5th Gen world record at 9.4x
Antonio Calvo retains the 6 speed world record at 9.68
Blackhorseturbo Racing ran a 9.8x in his Porsche (personal best)
Tiago ran a 9.1 in his TT Viper (personal best)

"That's Racing." We had some upsets, new records, and a good time out there. The post even media will tell the tale. No wrecks, no old downs, and everyone went home safe. Andy and Elie are driving mofos and killed it in their respective classes. To all of the guys that made out from behind their keyboards and had the balls to line up - kudos to you - you are the ones who build real racing communities. Thank you for your support and see you at the 2017 Viper National!

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