Wednesday VN Updates

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Wednesday VN Updates

Postby TSS Admin » Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:05 am

Important info about the VN here.

1. 7:30am gates open. Enter/park in public parking (not VIP or staging lanes). Listen to announcements for tech in. Everyone will fill out a tech card for the class they want to run in. 9:30ish drivers meeting and we go hot after. Test and tune till 12. 12-1pm qualifying passes by class (ex: we grid up N/A drivers, then Unlimited...). 1pm lunch served in the media room. 2pm run classes until finished. Test and tune until close. We will run a sportsman tree.

2. 1st and 2nd place in each class will be trophied and will also receive a $250 gift card to Nitrous Express. Slowest qualifying vehicle of the day will also get a Nitrous Express gift card. Drivers who registered timely will also get a TSS Viper National event shirt, NX shirt, and additional swag while supplies last (pick up at tech in).

3. High Tech Corvette (Brian) will live feed the event. Link will be on the TSS Facebook page soon. Todd Nall and Emily Williams will be announcing throughout the day and interviewing drivers. They will also handle the trophy presentation at the end of the day.

4. Sponsors please check in with Brian, Todd, and Emily so we can get you exposure online for your generosity with the event.

5. Weather forecast for Sunday are all over the place. The track will make a call on rain closer to the event. Sorry for that inconvenience. Temps should be upper 60's with a tailwind. We predict -DA in the morning.

Thank you for your support with the VN and we look forward to showing you a good time this Sunday.

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