Note for VN Drivers

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Note for VN Drivers

Postby TSS Admin » Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:24 pm

Viper National Drivers, please note the following.

1. Gates open at 7:30am, drivers meeting at 9:30am, track goes hot after. Lunch at noon. Classes start at 1pm. Once done with classes, track is open for test and tune again.
2. Park in general parking (not in staging lanes, not in VIP).
3. Fuel and n2o will be available in the warehouse near entrance 1.
4. Class heats will run consecutively. Ex: Heat 1 Unlimited, Heat 1 N/A, Heat 1 5th Gen. Then Heat 2 Unlimited, Heat 2 N/A, Heat 2 5th gen, etc.....
5. You must tech in with a card to stay organized. Tech in with Amar by bringing your vehicle to him in the staging lanes around 8:30am. At that time you will to sign a waiver, get your car numbered, get your event t-shirts, and fill out the proper tech form.

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