TI October 2016: Registration and Info

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TI October 2016: Registration and Info

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General: The Proving Grounds will be open business this spring on October 14-16th for the Texas Invitational. TI is your premier high-caliber side-by-side elimination driving event. No participation trophies, no trap speed racing, no bullshit. TI is also where you will see our high performance sponsor speed shops unveil the latest technology for our hobby. Whether its an auto shifted dog box, new engine management, or front mount turbo configuration - TI is where you get to see the latest and greatest from the best shops in the business. You can't go 200mph+ from behind the keyboard so register today and come on out to the only event of its kind in the country, the Texas Invitational.

Registration: To drive at TI, complete this TI DRIVER REGISTRATION FORM. If you are selected, you will receive a formal email invitation along with an invoice. Please pay the invoice promptly. Once you do, you will be placed on the official driver roster thread here. Cost per driver is $375.00 and $45.00 per guest (guests must register through a driver). Your registration fees will cover driving for the entire event, food when served at the event, event gear, and numbers for your vehicle. Wrist bands will be handed out at the gate for you to present for ingress/egress. Rainout date will be Fall 2016.

Format: Driving at TI takes place on two lanes on a closed off no speed limit airfield runway near Dallas, Texas. The driving area is a straight line with a defined starting point, starting mechanism, finish line, and independent MPH speed trap displays. In the morning, drivers will have a chance to test and tune and speed index. Speed index numbers will be logged and then used to create a competitive ladder for our classes. The ladders will be run elimination style. Apart from driving, all of the participants enjoy the event on a social level every night with the group at local restaurants and the host hotel by its lakeside bar. TI is your exclusive venue when it is time to go toe to toe with the fastest street cars in the country and make lifetime friendships with like-minded automotive hobbyists. For more details about the schedule, see this official TI schedule thread.

Class Overview: All classes will be run elimination style with the fastest and slowest index speed drivers being paired off, which results in the fastest two in the finals. King of the Street is an unlimited style class everyone can enter. Rear Wheel Drive class requires all competing vehicles to be solely powered by the rear wheels. 175 Trap Attack works like a bracket. All drivers can enter. The maximum overage allowed is 3mph. If you break out during eliminations, you are DQ'd. If both drivers break out in any heat (eliminations or finals), both are DQ'd. If both drivers break out in the finals, the last pair of drivers who raced and didn't break out will pair up (retroactive pairing).

Vehicle Tech: The TI registration form serves as a basic vehicle inspection and you must take inspection seriously. Expect to drive fast and stop fast - safety is entirely in your hands and your hands alone. Driving at this event involves an extreme risk danger and death and again - safety is your responsibility. You are encouraged to go above and beyond tech requirements voluntarily. It's up to you to wear a fire suit, install a roll cage, fire extinguisher, engine diaper, HANS device, belly pan, drive shaft loops, and so on. These are extra steps you can take to make your TI experience safer. It is up to you to make sure your vehicle is mechanically competent. Make sure your tires don't rub, lines aren't dumping fluid on tires, your heads are not lifting under high boost, you are not running coolant, and so on. You owe it to your family, the guy driving next to you, and everyone at the event to make sure your vehicle is running right.

Media. No aerial drones and commerical media will be permitted without prior approval. Email info@texasspeedsyndicate.com for additional information.

Host Hotel. MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW. Most central location will be at the Hilton Hotel in Rockwall, Texas. Located on Lake Ray Hubbard, the Hilton is close to the event location, restaurants, and offers waterfront view rooms. If you want to know more about the area you can click here. Click here for the online Hotel site. Hotel address: 2055 Summer Lee Drive in Rockwall, Texas 75032. 214 771 3700.

On Site. Similar previous events we will have a dedicated police crew, fire crew, EMS, clean up crew, and luxury restrooms. When driving on the airfield, if you hear a pop, bang, see a loss in oil pressure, or anything else not normal from your car while driving on the airfield please stop your vehicle in your lane as soon as possible. Failure to stop your vehicle in your lane when spewing oil will only cause clean up delays. Never change lanes if you are spilling any fluid because that will require a monumental clean up effort and likely a lane or track closure. On the other hand if your vehicle catches on fire pull over onto the grass. The fire crew can then take care of your vehicle and attend to grass fires.

TI Rules, Terms, and Conditions: Visit the following link for all rules, terms, and conditions for TI: TI Rules, Terms and Conditions. Our policy on refunds, transferability, and more are on that page. By registering for TI, you agree to be bound by all of the rules, terms, and conditions as posted there.


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