Quick 30 Feb 25, 2018 General Info and Driver Roster

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Quick 30 Feb 25, 2018 General Info and Driver Roster

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General: Our next 1/4 mile drag racing event on February 25, 2018 will be Quick 30 in Baytown, Texas at Royal Purple Raceway. This will be a day meet. In general, the track will go hot at 9am and shutdown at 4pm. The event is open to the public to spectators! Drivers are limited to around 40 spots. This is your chance to 1/4 mile drag race with your friends in a relaxed environment and to visit with supporting sponsors to see the latest technology and products for modern and muscle car platforms. Drivers will be able to make single lane passes and grudge passes. If you have been to our drag racing events before you know we will stay on top of track prep from start to finish so that you can click off your best times. ET slips will be printed after your passes and the ET/MPH lights will be operational.

Registration: First, tech in online here: http://texasspeedsyndicate.com/q30-tech-form/ Once your form is submitted, you will receive a PayPal invoice via email. Once you have paid you will receive a position on the driver roster here. Once done with that, you are ready for the event.

Basic details:

Where: Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas.
When: Sunday February 25, 2018 from 9am to 4pm-ish
Type: 1/4 drag racing

Q30 2018 Season Opener Driver Roster
Hosted by Drag965. Sponsored by: Y2 Performance & Off-Road Circle D Transmission Net Car Showroom Mexico Racing League High Tech Corvette Status Faction
1. Jon Schroder Corvette
2. Curtis Adams GTR
3. Brian St John GTR
4. Marty. R. Barracuda
5. Kyle Kubeczka C7
6. Chris Paskaruk Challenger
7. Jim Moore C2
8. Jeremy Brown Mustang GT
9. Kelly H. Jeep SRT GC
10. Cecil Winfree Mustang
11. Frank Perez Mustang GT
12. Bryan Luna aka Flash's WS6 Trans Am
13. David M. Morrow SS Sedan
14. Dave L. C10 Truck
15. Kevin Henry Camaro
16. Jeff Callaway and David Reynolds Camaro
17. Travis Thompson Mustang
18. Jason Grace BMF Firebird
19. Bill B. Mustang
20. Jim Bertram S10
22. Evan Stevens Mustang GT
22. Tim LeGros Vette
23. John Armas Corvette
24. Oscar Benitez 300ZX
25. Daryle Eagle GT500
26. Larry C. 69 Camaro
27. Glen Uhack II C7Z
28. Joe Huneycutt Corvette
29. Chris Ostendorf Camaro
30. Eric W. Mustang
31. Paul B. 69 Camaro
32. Caren A. R8
33. Larry Sample Z06
34. Jorge Cantu Mustang

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