Q30 Driver Roster

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Q30 Driver Roster

Postby TSS Admin » Thu Oct 26, 2017 8:29 am


Q30 Fully Processed Drivers

Sponsored by: Drag965 Precision Mustang Performance Y2 Performance & Off-Road Advance Diesel & Motorsports Net Car Showroom Kozmic Motorsports

1. Glen Uhack II C7Z
2. Onix Garcia GTR (KozmicMotorsports)
3. Chris Paskaruk Challenger
4. Tim LeGros C6
5. Jeremy Brown Mustang GT
6. Drew Potts ZL1
7. Salvador Ortega Mustang GT500 (PMP)
8. Jim Moore C2 Lucky #8
9. Daryle Eagle GT500 (Y2 Performance and Offroad) tech form pending
10. Adam Garrett SS Sedan
11. Kyle Krutilek Jeep SRT8
12. Michelle Michael Stone GT500
13. James Lee Mustang GT
14. Jorge Cantu Mustang GT
15. Kyle Kubeczka Corvette
16. Zdung Ho Hellcat
17. Chris Ritchie TT Vette (bad MF)
18. Frank Perez Mustang GT
19. Thomas Riddle ZR1
20. Jason Grace Firebird (the fast one)
21. Daryle Eagle GT500 (Y2 Performance and Off Road)
22. Bob Helms Viper
23. Justin Johnson Mustang GT

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